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Algorithm Notes

Disclaimer: The notes below are fully/partially NOT created by myself. They are from slides and/or wikipedia and/or textbook. The purpose of this post is simply to learn and review for the course. If you think something is inappropriate, please contact me at “ryan_yrs [at] hotmail [dot] com” immediately and I will remove it as soon as possible.

Divide & Conquer

  • To solve an instance of size n:
    1. Split into >=2 subinstances of smaller size. e.g. n/2
    2. Solve each subinstance recursively
    3. Combine solutions from 2. to get solution

Karatsuba Algorithm


Matlab Notes

MatlabMatrix LaboratorySave & Load vars in workspacesave myfileload myfileRefer to prev used valueansDisplay all var names usedwhowhos % More detailedlyclear % Clear all varsclear x % Clear a specific varLong Assignment Long assignments can b...…


SQL Notes

Create databaseCREATE DATABASE <database_name>Delete (Drop) databaseDROP DATABASE <database_name>…